Regardless of where you’re from, how old you are or which Christian denomination you identify with. Good to see you here.

Present days are full of conflict and injustice spreading all across the globe despite international agreements and the good will of many people. The XXI century world still struggles with violence, military conflicts, dictatorships, terrorism, migrant and refugee issues and more.

Unfortunately, the majority of us cannot do much about it. However, keeping in mind that peace starts in your heart, we should all pull out a finger. In fact, there is one simple thing everyone can do, trust God and pray. As Brother Roger wrote: “To increase trust on Earth, you need to start with yourself by living in reconciliation with your heart and staying in peace with the people around you. (…) Once the youth decide to bring peace in their life, they spread a light of hope further and further”.

Back in January 2014, answering the call of the Taizé Brothers to pray each Sunday for world peace, we decided to start Peace Reminder – an internet assistant to help you keep praying. Today we would like to invite you and other people to join us and pray together. We want to create an internet community of people who support each other and remind everyone that they can also be a witness of peace on a daily basis.

We do not ask you, if you are an avid church goer or a doubting God seeker, we don’t even care about your nationality, sex, marital status or political preferences. If you have a dose of good will and faith in God, you are more than welcome to join us and become a peace sower.

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